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Objet Caché is the embodiment of my love for vintage and creativity. As a young girl, I’ve always been fond of artsy stuff and wanted to go to art school. Eventually, I ended up graduating as a Communications manager. At that time (and still), I didn’t feel the urge to start a desk job yet. So, I decided to follow one of my other dreams: becoming a flight attendant. Travelling became much more than just a passion. It enabled me to discover many places and to capture beautiful moments with my camera.

Then one day, I woke up with the ambition to share my passions and professional knowledge with the world. I (re)started sketching, painting and fantasized about having my own studio. Everywhere I go, I now also collect pieces that I would adorn myself or my home with.

Objet Caché is a dream come true: my proper collection of vintage goods and personal artwork.

Thank you for supporting a small business, run by just me. Thank you again to choose to shop vintage. You’re doing Mother Earth a solid.

xo Messalina